Prosperity promotes success!

In Q10 Personell we believe in close follow-up of the candidates who work for us. We consider it to be one of our most important tasks to help ensure that you succeed in the job that you are performing for our clients. Many of the candidates that we provide end up getting a permanent position with our clients. Then celebration is in order – for you and your career – and because we have done a good job for our client.

Q10 Personell is a dedicated employer and we have well organised conditions of work and employment, something which several of our employees have given us positive feedback on. We need expertise on all levels and do at all times offer many exciting positions with our clients. Together we find the solution that is the optimal choice for you!

Before we can introduce you to our clients we have to quality-assure the content of your CV. For that reason we want you to download references from former employees, certificates and relevant course certificates and/or driving licenses, whether you are applying for a specific position or registering as a general job seeker.